Real Estate Flipping Tips

Posted by Jose Flores // May 8, 2018

Looking for real estate flipping tips so that you can benefit from the amazing opportunities in today’s market too? 1. Invest in Your Real Estate Education Perhaps not the sexiest but the most important of all real estate flipping tips is to invest in your real estate education. There are volumes of books, CDs, blogs […]

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Home Loan Modifications: Smart or Senseless?

Posted by Jose Flores // April 27, 2018

Are home loan modifications really a smart move or could they just sink you deeper underwater? Advertisements make home loan modifications sound like the best thing since the lottery was invented. Stop paying your home loan and wait for your lender to give in, slash the amount you owe and give you a new better […]

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Is This the Best Time for Real Estate Investing?

Posted by Jose Flores // April 24, 2018

Debates rage every week about whether it is a good time to buy a home or not but perhaps this was best settled by billionaire Warren Buffett who said the outlook was bright and he would buy a “couple hundred thousand single-family homes”. As usual most of the herd got into real estate investing at […]

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How Long Before the Foreclosure Process Could Catch Up to You?

Posted by Jose Flores // April 20, 2018

Sensational headlines desperate to boost dwindling readership levels so that they don’t go broke have been luring already victimized homeowners into a dangerous sense of false security. Shocking stories tell tales of homeowners who have eluded foreclosure for incredibly lengthy periods of time and give others the impression that this what they can expect if […]

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How to Find Accurate Property Values

Posted by Jose Flores // April 17, 2018

Trying to make sense of property values today can be incredibly confusing. You know what you paid for your home or what homes like you rent used to cost a few years ago, the news talks about 10% or $20,000 drops in value across the country but you have heard of foreclosures selling for a […]

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Does Wholesaling Real Estate with No Money Down Really Work?

Posted by Jose Flores // April 13, 2018

There are many would be investors inspired to get into flipping homes who have sadly purchased out of date and useless real estate education programs offering the promise of wholesaling real estate with no money down, only to hit a brick wall when they find out the strategies they have learned about don’t work or […]

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Selling a Home for Cash? Read This First!

Posted by Jose Flores // April 10, 2018

Need to sell your home quickly but not sure about signing a deal with that shady guy in the beat up 1980 pickup truck with the magnetic ‘We buy houses cash’ sign on the back? He might be loaded and just be on the way back from remodeling another home or he may really not […]

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4 Major Speed Bumps New Real Estate Investors Face

Posted by Jose Flores // March 30, 2018

There may never have been a better time to invest in real estate in most of our lifetimes than right now but that doesn’t mean it is without its pitfalls. What obstacles face new real estate investors today? 1. Real Estate Education While real estate investing and flipping houses is often portrayed as incredibly easy […]

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The Pros and Cons of Rehabbing Properties

Posted by Jose Flores // March 27, 2018

Rehabbing properties has become an even hotter trend over the last few years, but is it for you? What are the real pros and cons of rehabbing properties compared to other forms of real estate investment? The Pros of Rehabbing Properties 1. It’s Fun & Therapeutic Even when it isn’t fun, it is at least […]

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Why Everyone Will Have To Become A Real Estate Investor

Posted by Matilde Rodrigues Ramos // March 13, 2018

Soon, everyone may have to become a real estate investor. Whether you love or loathe the idea of being a full time real estate investor, there may be few options to consider in the future. Let’s take a look at why, and the best time to get in. Jobs, as we have come to know […]

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