5 Tips To Help You Get A Great Deal On Your Mortgage

Posted by Matilde Rodrigues Ramos // January 12, 2018

There is a lot that goes into buying a property. Regardless if you are buying as a primary residence or an investment you need to find the right type of financing.  There are times when the best financing is through a traditional lender.  Anyone that has closed a deal with a bank over the past […]

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How To Work With Motivated Sellers

Posted by Matilde Rodrigues Ramos // January 5, 2018

With any motivated seller lead the first goal is to get the homeowner to agree to a meeting. The meeting should act as a mini presentation for what you can do and how you plan on doing it without being too over the top.  You never want to hide the fact that you are a […]

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Despite Recoveries, the Real Estate Investing Market is Plummeting

Posted by Jose Flores // December 30, 2017

If you think selling a house is hard now, just wait until next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. And the … okay, you get the point. According to the latest Goldman Sachs forecast, real estate investing hit rock bottom in 2013 and won’t recover to pre-crash levels until 2023. […]

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Don’t Bother Buying a Foreclosure at Auction

Posted by Jose Flores // December 23, 2017

If you want to buy a foreclosure this year, don’t bother attending an auction. Huge auction websites like to talk about how easy it is to buy a foreclosure at one of their local events, but the reality is that winning a house in a bidding war and then securing a mortgage for it is […]

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Improve Business Negotiation With These 6 Tips

Posted by Matilde Rodrigues Ramos // December 22, 2017

Negotiation is an essential part in almost everything you do. Without even realizing it you negotiate with your spouse, kids, business partner, contractor and attorney on a daily basis. Some negotiations are worth thousands of dollars and others are strictly for principal. It is human nature to try to win every negotiation we are part […]

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Real Estate Investing: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Renting Properties

Posted by Jose Flores // December 19, 2017

Forget about flipping houses this year. With more families opting to pay for a lease rather than a mortgage, the decision to rent out properties is now the most popular real estate investing decision you can make. But before you go and buy all those foreclosures in your neighborhood, there are a few things you […]

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5 Reasons To Consider Investing In Single Family Rentals

Posted by Matilde Rodrigues Ramos // December 15, 2017

Right now, is an ideal time to invest in single family rentals. With rental demand high coupled with near record low interest rates it has created the perfect storm for buy and hold investors. As profitable as a quality rental property may be there are still many investors who only focus on fix and flip […]

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Should You Take a Quick Cash Offer?

Posted by Jose Flores // December 10, 2017

While the real estate market may still be struggling to find a firm foothold in some parts of the country there are investors out there who will pay cash for your home and be willing to close quickly. Should you take it? Of course someone offering to pay cash for your home now and who […]

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How to Ensure a Smooth & Timely Real Estate Closing

Posted by Jose Flores // December 10, 2017

Real estate closings can be tricky. With so many people involved and so many variables it is no wonder they fall apart or get delayed. However, if you are the one with a big earnest money deposit on the line or you are facing foreclosure and simply can’t afford for your real estate closing not […]

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4 Ways to Cash In on Flipping Real Estate

Posted by Jose Flores // December 5, 2017

There’s more than one way to cash in on the current market by flipping real estate. Regardless of your area, whether or not you have any cash or credit and how much time you have to devote to flipping real estate there is a strategy that will work perfectly for your situation. Let’s take a […]

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